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Summer Day by Ralu77
The concept of avant-garde refers primarily to artists, writers, composers and thinkers whose work is opposed to mainstream cultural values and often has a trenchant social or political edge. Many writers, critics and theorists made assertions about vanguard culture during the formative years of modernism, although the initial definitive statement on the avant-garde was the essay Avant-Garde and Kitsch by New York art critic Clement Greenberg, published in Partisan Review in 1939. As the essay’s title suggests, Greenberg argued that vanguard culture has historically been opposed to "high" or "mainstream" culture, and that it has also rejected the artificially synthesized mass culture that has been produced by industrialization. Each of these media is a direct product of Capitalism—they are all now substantial industries—and as such they are driven by the same profit-fixated motives of other sectors of manufacturing, not the ideals of true art. For Greenberg, these forms were therefore kitsch: phony, faked or mechanical culture, which often pretended to be more than they were by using formal devices stolen from vanguard culture. For instance, during the 1930s the advertising industry was quick to take visual mannerisms from surrealism, but this does not mean that 1930s advertising photographs are truly surreal. It was a matter of style without substance.
9 by efecaylak
In this sense Greenberg was at pains to distance true avant-garde creativity from the market-driven fashion change and superficial stylistic innovation that are sometimes used to claim privileged status for these manufactured forms of the new consumer culture.
any colour you like by chriseastmids city of echoes by chriseastmids any colour you like by chriseastmids

From the early 20th century, the expression was mainly any experimental or innovative idea or application in all fields of human activity, mainly in the areas of art, culture and even politics.
Avengers by yinyuming SHEEPISH by El-Amigo-Chico Sailing the Seas In Cheese by live-by-evil
As a concept identified with everything bold, theoretically pre-season as a wonderful harbinger of future application or acceptance. Certainly in this sense is not a few cases, with the innovative nature of this expression can also be considered a revolutionary in the status quo and come into conflict with traditional ideologies and principles followed, characterized even as unorthodox or extremist.
Whatever turns of the lord by wildproduce:thumb362346883: all being by beehivesandbouffants
The Modern Prometheus by HFFK BUTTERNUT CHRIST by PancreasSupervisor Freedom by buntscheck

(sources: εν κύκλου παιδεία)
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Hippocrates claims that everything creates from the
4 elements, each of which corresponds the status of
cold, dry, hot, liquid.
Cold by Hartmut-Lerch
dry wind by foureyes Dry River by BenHeine Liquid imagination by EliseEnchanted

In solid body components prevail earthy and the watery liquid.
Coherent essence of everything is spirit that
warm innate in humans and it is located in the heart.
Fundamentals body fluids are blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black.
Of balance and imbalance depends health or disease..
Anatomy Study - Arm 1 by Helen-Baq BlooD by WampiruS Transverse by EintoeRn

In the body resides a great animal power, the nature. Since this force depends on the maintenance, development, and treatment of the body and restore to normal.
This is the conception of the genius mind of Hippocrates.
That balance of the bio-energy potential of the organisms.
Hippocrates does not detect the disease in organs.
Meme Hack Davinchi by Kosen-Hatake
He believes that the body is sick or treated as a whole and
thus the patient is treated with a completely different eye and perspective.
Anatomy of an arm by Revolver-Studios Anatomy by KayIglerART
As a result Art-anatomy has her own Corpus Hippocraticum and her big philosophical reflection of the body on the a big vow on that presentation.
hand anatomy sketch by FriendlyGrudge
What is mean to be a wo-man?
entrance to the soul by davinchi666
Speech and reason know thyself?
school of athens by NewPlato
A virtual learning from all the spots of souls earthy and spiritually follows this energetic
Movement. Join our preview of Art-anatomy and be yourself mind and heart.


thank you for your time

the end of 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 7:12 AM
the end of 2012.

.About Life. by nothingbuteverything   .About Life. by nothingbuteverything

Be the Change by TheSignmaker

Cave Evolution by MiSt-Stavi   Justitia by FurorArt

Justitia by FurorArt   Cave Evolution by MiSt-Stavi

Free your thoughts by Fatooome

polaroid by michellis13   polaroid by michellis13
Make art,Not war by V-IMAgine-L   Make art,Not war by V-IMAgine-L

Feel by ChelseaDrouin

:thumb196198327:  :thumb196198327:

Live and Learn by bigcbigc


We searched in   the ocean of artworks,
looking for a thread that will connect us,
we offered  the silence and noise equally,
without expecting to understand us
those who cannot.
We searched ... and found
symphony of diversity!

Thank you because you believed that
Your art is important to  our group.
Thank you, because you heartily promote our
vision, and at the same time consistent over
Your art.
We wish you all the best in 2013!

 Love, peace and freedom for all people


on Bosnian also

Tragale smo u okeanu umjetničkih djela,
tražeći nit koja će nas spajati,
nudeći tišinu  i buku podjednako,
ne očekujući da nas razumiju oni
koji to ne mogu
...tragale smo i pronašle
simfoniju različitosti !
Hvala Vam jer ste vjerovali da je
Vaša umjetnost važna za našu grupu.
Hvala, jer ste svesrdno promovisali našu
viziju,a pri tome ostali dosljedni
Vašoj umjetnosti.

Želimo Vam sve najbolje u 2013.godini!

.. ljubav,mir,sloboda svim ljudima

Violin of nature by MiSt-Stavi
1 :heart:

thank y

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Winter poems

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 4:22 PM
Frozen eyes by RobinHedberg Frozen eyes by RobinHedberg

Friends by rdalpes Reaching the Ice Fortress... by XavierJamonet

Passover by Saturns-Child WINTER NIGHT by ARTBYTERESA

Ice Glitter by kirilart

:thumb187933006: :thumb187933006:

Reflections of Winter by artistwilder .: winter dream :. by GokhanKaraag

Zima by Ana-Lesac

Moments of thoughts by creativejunk Snow closed the road by angora39

winter by vuzel winter by vuzel

Walking in the light by emmanueldautriche Walking towards Heaven by Zwoing

:thumb303013411: Friends by rdalpes

the Joy of waiting by wchild

.:eveywhere conspicuous:. by hayal25 under the snow by bafa48

Frozen lives by katiousa15

The Land of Beyond...a hummarcus collaboration by hummbuzz The Land of Beyond..a hummarcus collaboration by marcusgravus

Winter tales by lostknightkg :thumb152798655:

:thumb328565673: :thumb328565673:


White winter peace by Chris-Lamprianidis White winter peace by Chris-Lamprianidis

Anybody Here? by RobertoBertero
wall by kitkat523
White Angel by NicolasEvariste
Through the Trees by MD-Arts

Reality by James-McKenzie

Official Fella - 4 by fella

What do we need in this winter night?
While the moon seems far away in our eyes,
the same *Moon which every one of us sees

We need a hug, we need a peace
  and nothing more

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Let  prosperity come to  Your house and give You
strength to live happy under these celestial dome!

Best Regards from your admins
from our :heart:

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Expressionism-From the word "expression" (Ausdruck).
up in smoke by live-by-evil
The expression is the goal for many artists instead of passive Impressionism. The artist's creative flair is visible and there is a more cerebral, theoretical approach. With great interest in metaphysics and symbolism. That way there are artists that integrate the entire history of world art-based "spiritual" rather closely morphic content projects. An art of pure emotion would upset the leveling of modern materialistic era-a "hope" perhaps excessive but definitely heartwarming and bright as a moral example. The arts have always had frequent symbolic and allegorical connotations.*
King's prayer 3 by shapovalov It's all about mystery-Mona L. by JoB-Art

What is art and how it shaped the artistic criteria; How affordable it can be to craft the modern man; What are the themes of innovation; Did Modernism removed the real art in golden cages;

The pop art movement that is from the mid 50's in England (Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake, ..) and early 60's in the U.S. sought to unite art with life and colorful images of society Western world, expressed through television and cinema advertising and fashion, has been the work of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, ...
Pop art gives excerpts from the world of the average American citizen once celebrating and sometimes commenting on the "American Dream" of comfort and success. Pop = popular art so recognizable understood. This personification of the author-meets impersonal sources of material and mechanical processes often works. Never Know by js4853 The Creation Of Porn by Morbido13 I Have Forgiven Jesus by Morbido13
Remember: Comics - Lichtenstein / Photography Marilyn Monroe - Warhol
Or a car accident
Thinking detailed news and disasters .. when one sees again and again a chilling picture ceases to produce any impression ..
Madonna of the Chickens by hogret:thumb334376149:
The pop art walks on the thin line between expretion and the insignificant, yesterday's big news and oblivion, of rage and sensitivity, and selfishness mazes.
F-111 (1965) James Rosenquist for Vietnam
Alabama (1965) Robert Indiana for Racism
:thumb318876793: just use it by scheinbar:thumb318876793:
Dadaism knew that art in the Western world will get stuck in the medium of television..just think who is that Art..what is ART?
Bad Invention by live-by-evil
for .. Art and Feather by comteskyee
What is art and how it shaped the artistic criteria; How affordable it can be to craft the modern man; What are the themes of innovation; Did Modernism removed the real art in golden cages;
Warm by oddocean One of the Seven by martaraff SURFER FINAL by corysmithart

Best Regards

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